How To Get a Woman To Notice You So You Can Win Her Over

Finding the woman of dreams can prove to be pretty challenging. With the abundance of women who you either aren’t attractive to, or who are already in committed relationships, finding the perfect woman can seem next to impossible. What do you do if you have already met your dream woman yet she doesn’t know you exist? How do you get her to notice you so you won’t appear to be some random weirdo when you approach her to ask her out? Here are some surefire tips to win over the woman of your dreams:

Talk to her

If this lovely woman who has caught your attention doesn’t know of your existence, then obviously you have been too quiet. Do you two take a college class together? Work together? Regardless of the scenario, you need to become more vocal. If you merely sit in the corner and quietly gaze at her, then she will likely never notice you. Make an effort to strike up a conversation with her. At the minimum, at least acknowledge her by greeting her each time you see her.

Compliment her

What woman doesn’t love compliments? There aren’t many who wouldn’t welcome a man’s compliments. One way that will definitely help her to notice you is by paying her compliments on a regular basis. It’s important to be sincere, as you don’t want to appear lame or desperate. Besides, most women can tell if a man is sincere, and honesty and sincerity can really go a long way.

Make her laugh