How to Get Past the Three-Month Dating Mark

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is a different matter. After the first few blissful weeks with your new partner, the initial spark can seem to fade. Real life kicks in, romance begins to feel like hard work, and disagreements surface. But don’t give up on long-term love. By developing a few simple habits, you can help your relationship grow deeper, stronger and become even more fulfilling than it was in those early days.

1.  Keep trying new things

Remember those first few dates when you and your lover met at different spots, tried new things and met new people? He’d ask you to dinner; you’d show him your favorite coffee spot; he’d take you to a game; you’d invite him to a party.

It’s easy to lose this momentum when dealing with the demands of daily life. While a night home in your PJs, chain watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother is fine occasionally, don’t let it become all you do together.

If you have a shared lunch break, check out the new restaurant in town. If you have a week of vacation, rekindle your mutual love for sightseeing or try skiing for the first time. Doing something different doesn’t have to break the bank, either; test new recipes on each other, join a local club or invite new friends to dinner. Mixing up your together-time will keep you on the path of discovering yourselves and each other, warding off the dreaded relationship rut.

2. Nip problems in the bud