How To Keep Love Alive In The Bad Times

When winter sets in, and the snow and frost come, we can feel the need to batten down the hatches and go into hibernation. Things can be much the same in relationships. When love grows cold, and communication breaks down, we have a tendency to give up and let the relationship die. However, it needn’t be that way. Every relationship goes through seasons and when times are tough you have to remember a new season is on its way.

Spring: When two people meet, and find a connection, it feels like the world is a wonderful place. Then comes the first kiss, the holding of hands, the hugs and caresses. Life is brimming with romance, and it feels like nothing can ever go wrong again. Like the blooming of flowers after the winter snow, the ground is fertile and everything is growing with new gusto. Relationships are watered and grow rapidly in this season.

Summer: Now the romance is in full swing. Love seems to overcome everything. The object of your desire only wants to spend time with you and your happiness knows no bounds. You are spending joyful hours learning all about each other, and you have heard nothing bad as yet. Like the blossoming of summer flowers, all is as it should be and your partner is the most wonderful person in the world. You realize your lover has flaws, but they seem endearing and not able to trouble the beauty of your love. Relationships strengthen greatly in this season.