How to Make the (Right) Man Fall for You

It’s not just a line – there really is a magic formula for making the right man fall in love with you. It even comes in a handy little acronym: “MAGNETICS!” Get ready for some authentic love with these tips, ladies.

1. M (Masculinity)

Guys want women who “get” them. He wants his masculine energy to be drawn by radiant femininity. He wants to be appreciated for his ability to provide, protect, and solve problems. He wants to be admired for his steadfastness and calm under pressure. In short, he doesn’t want to feel emasculated.

The current world we live in both emphasizes and looks down on masculinity. Even if you feel like you shouldn’t be around solely to feed his ego, that’s not what you’re doing. You’re complimenting him, the same way he should be complimenting you.

If that means making him feel like a hero, then just make sure he makes you feel like Wonder Woman too. (She would, after all, only date a worthy man, you know?)

2. A (Acceptance)

Don’t turn your man into a project to be fixed. Don’t try to change him. You wouldn’t want him trying to change you, would you?

If you can’t accept him for who he is now, then move on and find someone you can respect and appreciate for just who he is.

3. G (Grateful)

Let him know you’re grateful for all he does for you (and he should be doing things for you). Even if he isn’t risking his life to protect yours, he should be investing time in you and treasures you. If he’s doing things right, he wants a little appreciation for his efforts, just as you do. So be appreciative! Express it however you see fit, just make sure he gets the idea.

4. N (Nurturing)

No, you don’t have to be his mom (ugh), but you’ve got show that just like he takes care of you, you can take care of him in return. Don’t let him manage too much on his own. Remember that you’re a team. Give and take, just make sure that you’re taking evenly.

5. E (Easy-Going)

Guys that like us want to go out o their way to please us if they’re able. A problem can come up if they think they can no longer please us. Men are very simple creatures really, so the less complicated you can make things for them, the better you’ll both be.

Plus, nothing makes a man feel worse than to feel stuck in a problem he just can’t solve so if you’re unhappy too often, at some level, he’s failed, and he will try to distance himself from feeling like a failure. By contrast, nothing makes a man feel successful like you when you are happy — which is why a positive, happy and radiant woman is so appealing.

If you’re unhappy, let him know what he could do so that you’re both happy with yourselves and your relationship.

6. T (Trustworthy)

When it comes to masculinity, traditionally speaking, the concept of honor is pretty inseparable from that ideal. Warriors on the battlefield and all that jazz. So having your partner’s back is a huge difference between winning and losing him. If you want to commit, you’ve got to commit to being with him in the trenches of life.

7. I (Independence)

Trying to tie a man down too soon can be a huge mistake. A woman’s desire to feel safe can be a direct contrast to his instinctive desire for freedom and not being tied down. If you think back to the ‘warrior’ ideology, think about how many soldiers over the hundreds of years of human history that have died for the idea of freedom.

Allow him time to figure out that he’s not giving up his freedom for something worse, but something better. If he can’t, then he’s not the guy for you. But at least, give him time to come to the decision himself. Forcing him too soon is going to scare even the good ones away.

8. C (Captivate)

If you’re doing all these things, you’re going to appeal to that “logical” brain of his because all he’ll see are the wonderful benefits of being with you. This will allow him to open his heart and emotions.

Oh, and there’s one other thing that gets a man to act in the captivation stage, his competitive nature won’t tolerate losing the greatest woman he’s ever met to another man.

9. S (Soulmates)

If you emulate all these traits ( a love of his Masculinity with your Appreciation for who he is, add in some Gratitude, a Nurturing spirit, an Easy-going nature, an ability to be Trustworthy, and honor his Independence all while captivating him), it all adds up to one thing. The final S is for Soulmate because that’s what you’ll have found. – C. Sky