How to Protect Your Online Life During a Breakup

These days our online and offline lives are becoming more and more intertwined. We have real world bank accounts, but we access them online. We interact with our friends, but we do so both online and off. The mix of online and offline worlds makes our lives richer, but it also presents some unique challenges.

Many of those challenges rear their ugly heads when it comes to a breakup or divorce. If you have been sharing your life with someone, you have probably shared your most intimate online experiences as well. Your partner may know all your passwords, PIN numbers and other essential details. When the relationship goes south, that knowledge could easily be turned against you.

No matter what the reasons for the breakup or divorce, it is important to protect yourself and your online identity. There are certain steps you need to take to ensure your now ex-partner does not have the tools to make your life miserable.

Step #1 – Assess the Situation
The first thing you need to do is assess the situation and decide what steps to take next. Make a list of all the accounts you have, both individually and as a couple. It may take awhile to identify everything that could be at risk, so take your time and make sure the list is complete before moving on.

Step #2 – Change Your Online Passwords