How to Pull Your Ex Back

You broke up with your boyfriend, but you realize that you still love him and want him back. The dilemma you have is how to go about doing it. Should you wait and hope he comes back on his own, or should you try to convince him that he made a mistake. Of course, you can’t overlook the fact that the reason you broke it off with him is that he was interested in another woman. You tell yourself that your relationship would have been alright if she hadn’t come along and given your man an open invitation.

As much as you would like to live in denial and blame the other woman for your relationship ending, your ex shares half the blame. He had the option to say no thank you to anything that she offered, but why was it so easy for him to let go of the relationship that you shared with him? You cannot change the past, what’s done is done. Still you think that he’s a nice guy (just misguided) and you believe that the relationship you had with him could be rekindled and improved. The question is how do you go about winning him back?

What I am about to share with you is so important that without it, it will be utterly impossible to get your ex back. In fact, understanding this very thing is so important that if you don’t, your ex will get even
more distant with time, will forget you completely and you will feel that they’re gone forever.

If you want to get your ex back, then there are 2 really important things you absolutely need to do…

Step 1 – You have to appeal to the emotional side of your ex’s mind…

Every human has two minds – The conscious mind which follows the logic and then the unconscious mind which follows emotion. Our conscious mind is within our active control while the unconscious mind is not within our active control.