How To Talk To Men

Knowing how to talk to a guy can go one of two ways: a lady who draws men into her magical aura, or a boring girl who lacks self-confidence and scares them away.


When you are talking to a guy bring out your charm by smiling often and making eye contact. Genuinely laugh at his jokes and this will bring a sparkle to your eyes. After all, when you’re happy and enjoying yourself, it can’t help but show. And no guy can resist a woman with a beautiful laugh, a sexy smile and a twinkle in her eyes. They’re infectious and endearing.

Luck Be a Lady

Be a lady, and the guys will love to become your knight in shining armor. Women love well-mannered men, and men love women who are modest and graceful.

Now, there’s a big difference between being a shy timid girl and a woman who’s “modest.” Being shy, is being afraid to engage in conversation with men because of the fear of rejection or low self-confidence. Guys love modest, graceful women. I’m not saying don’t show any skin, but let’s leave something to the imagination. Unless your intentions are a fling and not a lasting relationship.

A Simple Touch

Women can communicate or show affection by a simple touch. Men crave the gentle, tender touch of a woman. Guys show more interest and flirt more with a woman who touches them in the middle of a conversation. This not only keeps his attention but reiterates your interest in him.

Occasionally, touch his forearm or place your palm on the edge of his shoulder, or any other place that would be appropriate for casual touches, and you’ll see how his interest in you will explode.

No Potty Mouth

Avoid using profanity when talking to a guy. Women who swear like a sailor are a big turn off for most guys. So try to avoid using bad language in conversations. Also, don’t speak ill or negatively about people around you, or that you know. Even if he gets a bit sarcastic and negative, stick to a positive attitude. It’s ten times more magnetic.

Be Mysterious

Guys find mysterious women a bit frustrating, but this is actually a GOOD thing. This is the kind of frustration that gets him engaged in chasing you. And the truth is, he can’t help being intrigued with a woman who challenges him.

You don’t need to tell a guy everything you feel or think. If you’re looking lost in your head for a minute, or if he catches you smiling to yourself and asks you about it, you can just tell him it’s “nothing, big.” With a playful smirk. Don’t reveal everything that goes on in your mind, leave him wondering (just don’t do this too much once you’re in a relationship or he may think you’re hiding something).

Be playful

Be playful and gently teasing at times when talking to a guy. You can tease him, nudge him on the shoulder, joke with him, or all of the above. Guys like a girl who is sweet and playful, but be aware that nice can get pretty boring after a while so don’t forget to show him a little of your naughty side too.

Good Manners

This goes without saying, be polite when talking to men. All guys want a good-natured woman who is pleasant to him and others around her. Unfortunately, if you watch television or go to movies, you’ll see that the new norm for communication is to put men down or insult them, and this is NOT what you want to do in real life. EVER.

If you want to know how to talk to a guy, just keep this in mind: Men are attracted to – and marry – women that they feel positively drawn to. And that means that he has to be drawn to you like a cool drink of water, not a bitter slice of lemon.

Bottom line, just be a genuinely nice person and it’ll only make him want you more. Be fun and outgoing and have a pleasant manner, but never let men take you for granted. If you find that the man you are interested in has started taking you for granted, simply remove your presence from him. Communicate with him that you will NEVER allow yourself to be taken advantage of, no matter how much you like him.

Your value, confidence, and availability are the strongest lures you have, and every woman needs to be able to use these tools effectively to attract the man she desires. – Carlos C.