How To Talk To Men

Knowing how to talk to a guy can go one of two ways: a lady who draws men into her magical aura, or a boring girl who lacks self-confidence and scares them away.


When you are talking to a guy bring out your charm by smiling often and making eye contact. Genuinely laugh at his jokes and this will bring a sparkle to your eyes. After all, when you’re happy and enjoying yourself, it can’t help but show. And no guy can resist a woman with a beautiful laugh, a sexy smile and a twinkle in her eyes. They’re infectious and endearing.

Luck Be a Lady

Be a lady, and the guys will love to become your knight in shining armor. Women love well-mannered men, and men love women who are modest and graceful.

Now, there’s a big difference between being a shy timid girl and a woman who’s “modest.” Being shy, is being afraid to engage in conversation with men because of the fear of rejection or low self-confidence. Guys love modest, graceful women. I’m not saying don’t show any skin, but let’s leave something to the imagination. Unless your intentions are a fling and not a lasting relationship.

A Simple Touch

Women can communicate or show affection by a simple touch. Men crave the gentle, tender touch of a woman. Guys show more interest and flirt more with a woman who touches them in the middle of a conversation. This not only keeps his attention but reiterates your interest in him.