How To Transform From A Timid Woman To A Confident Flirt

Everyone knows how to flirt but it’s how you do it that will either attract or repel guys. Gone are the days when all women had to do was sit pretty and wait for guys to notice them. Sure, good looks help but you need the right set of personality traits to hit the right notes with men. More importantly, you need confidence.

Ever heard the saying that nice girls finish last? In this case, it applies to timid girls. Here are ways you can approach a man and flirt with him even when you are not so confident about it.

  1. Work on your looks

The best way to boost your confidence is working on your looks. We are not talking about doing something drastic like getting Botox injections or butt enhancements. Simply wearing a nice sexy outfit, getting your hair and nails done and applying some makeup will definitely boost your confidence a little. When you feel good about yourself it shows and men notice that. So you will definitely attract a guy who is also confident and feels good about themselves.

  1. Overcome the fear of approaching guys

Nowadays it’s totally normal for women to approach men. if he’s cute, why not, right? it takes a lot to master up the courage to approach a guy you like. Thankfully, most guys aren’t stuck in the 1950s when they believed if a woman approached a guy, she had loose morals.

As a matter of fact, most guys nowadays think that a woman who has the balls to make the first move is downright sexy and confident. Some men might feel a little intimidated when you approach them but that shouldn’t deter you from approaching guys. Besides, wouldn’t you want to date a guy who is attracted to strong confident women like you?

  1. Break the ice

What’s the point of approaching a guy if you can’t even break the ice? So here are a few ways to do it.