Is He In Love With You Or Is He An Opportunist?

Okay so you are seeing this guy…he seems really nice but you are not sure if he is in love with you or if he is an opportunist. How can you tell if a guy is in love with you? More importantly, how do you know if he is just an opportunist? During the initial stages of dating, it’s hard to tell but there are a few signs that will immediately tell you “this guy is using you”. We have highlighted some of them.

He is interested in your money

If the guy is in serious debt and he won’t accept responsibility for his financial problems, then he might be dating you for your money. He’ll tell you that his poor credit score is his ex’s fault or he is in debt because of another woman. He won’t tell you that he misused his money or spends more than he earns.

He also prefers that you wine and dine at expensive restaurants but he won’t offer to pay the bill. If you turn him down he throws a tantrum and makes you feel guilty about it.  When you tell him you don’t have money, he suddenly remembers that he had some unfinished business somewhere and won’t be able to make it to your “cheap” date. And by the way, just because he is monetarily impaired, doesn’t mean that he can’t make a good husband or boyfriend. We don’t know about you but some women don’t mind if their men play the role of a stay at home husband while they play the role of breadwinners.

He always wants to meet your rich or influential friends

You know how upcoming celebrities hook up with already established celebrities to increase their popularity or album sales? That’s exactly what an opportunist does. This guy will insist on accompanying you to your office parties or in events where he knows there’ll be influential people. He won’t tell you why he wants to meet these people but he will insist that you find a way to introduce him to them. Maybe he is using you to climb the corporate ladder or he just wants to network with important people. Whatever the case, you can be guaranteed that he isn’t in love with you.

He demands  your help

He doesn’t care if you are able to help him or not; he wants what he wants and you had better give it to him. If you don’t help him he makes you feel guilty about it. He even has the balls to demand that you help his friends or family members. He could ask for any kind of help like financial help or asking you to call in favors from your influential friends.

He doesn’t have ambition in life

This one is a doozy. He is a deadbeat and is content with spending your money. He doesn’t want to get a job or start a business. He has these big dreams for your future but does nothing to help you achieve your dreams. In fact, he expects you to work hard while he sits back to enjoy the fruits of your labor. He doesn’t care about uplifting the quality of his personal life.

He doesn’t care about your needs

An opportunist always looks out for himself.  He won’t make any sacrifices to make you happy. As far as he’s concerned, you are the one who’s supposed to make sacrifices to keep him happy. He doesn’t show interest or enthusiasm to get to know you better or at least to know what you stand for. In short, he puts his personal interests above the needs of the relationship.

Your gut feeling tells you that he’s using you

If your instincts tell you that this guy is using you, trust them.

If you see any of the above signs in your relationship, you are dating an opportunist. He might not be after you for the money but he is definitely after something. Once he gets what he wants or realizes that you can no longer give him what he wants, he won’t hesitate to dump you. Always be cautious and go slow to ensure that his behavior is consistent over time to prove his true feelings for you.  written by Jackie K.

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