Is He Playing You for a Fool?

You really like this guy, and you want to build a good, solid relationship with him. However, your instincts are telling you he might not be as serious about the relationship as you are.  In fact, you’re beginning to think he might not be serious at all. Since our instincts are not 100 percent correct (probably about 90 percent), here is a list of signs that your boyfriend is playing you for a fool.

Pay attention, and remember, you deserve someone who doesn’t view you as a place-holder, as just a stop-gap, until someone else better comes along.  As someone he’ll have a little bit of fun with until he dumps you.

1. The Busy Signal

They always have a hectic schedule; work, school, family, and sometimes religious obligations that might be keeping their hands tied. They say they want to spend time with you,  but things just aren’t going their way.

First of all, if they’re suddenly busier than they were with no good excuse, it’s not a good sign. This might not necessarily be cheating, but it is a major indicator that something is wrong in your relationship.

Second, if he makes the same lame excuse over and over like, “Sorry babe, I’m doing laundry” for days on end, and then just shows up completely devoted to you, “laundry” is probably someone else.