Is It Time to End Your Long Distance Relationship

You thought you could handle the long distance…all it would take is a little hard work, right? You figured if you and your man both played your roles everything would be perfect and you would one day ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. It started out great but now you are not so sure you should stay in your long distance relationship. To help you clear the air, here are a few signs that will help you make a decision.

Your distance will never shorten

Okay, he lives in Australia and you are here in Arizona. He made it clear he wasn’t going to live there for a year and then come back. In fact, he wants to settle there. You on the other hand don’t want to move to Australia. You have a great job in Arizona, all your friends live there and you would rather start a family in Arizona but you are still holding on to the relationship hoping for a miracle. So here’s our question: Are you kidding?  You are just wasting each other’s’ time. Simply end the relationship and find someone closer to home.

You never see each other