Is It Time to Move On?

At the beginning of most relationships, lovers think everything is faultless and flawless. They think that the butterflies in their stomachs will last for eternity. The world is perfect and nothing could possibly go wrong. In reality, relationships can get harder the longer you and your partner spend time together. You gradually see your partner’s flaws and attitude problems. Personality and cultural differences get in the way and leave the both of you emotionally battered. You start to doubt your feelings. This begs the question: How do you know if your relationship is on the rocks?

1. You always fight
Arguments are normal in any kind of relationship. They provide insights on how you and your partner feel about each other. Disagreements give you an opportunity to talk and explain your side. Fighting on a regular basis, however, should serve as a warning to both of you. This indicates that there is something wrong with the relationship.

2. Things get physical
Individuals in a relationship can get emotionally affected because of misunderstandings, but no one has the right to physically abuse another person. Substantially hurting your partner could lead to depression and trauma. It can also be a ground for battery and assault charges. Communication is the key to understanding why your relationship is not working. Ask questions and be receptive to whatever answers are given to you. Nagging and punching will not resolve anything.

3. Inappropriate suspicion and jealousy