Is It Time to Move On?

At the beginning of most relationships, lovers think everything is faultless and flawless. They think that the butterflies in their stomachs will last for eternity. The world is perfect and nothing could possibly go wrong. In reality, relationships can get harder the longer you and your partner spend time together. You gradually see your partner’s flaws and attitude problems. Personality and cultural differences get in the way and leave the both of you emotionally battered. You start to doubt your feelings. This begs the question: How do you know if your relationship is on the rocks?

1. You always fight
Arguments are normal in any kind of relationship. They provide insights on how you and your partner feel about each other. Disagreements give you an opportunity to talk and explain your side. Fighting on a regular basis, however, should serve as a warning to both of you. This indicates that there is something wrong with the relationship.

2. Things get physical
Individuals in a relationship can get emotionally affected because of misunderstandings, but no one has the right to physically abuse another person. Substantially hurting your partner could lead to depression and trauma. It can also be a ground for battery and assault charges. Communication is the key to understanding why your relationship is not working. Ask questions and be receptive to whatever answers are given to you. Nagging and punching will not resolve anything.

3. Inappropriate suspicion and jealousy
It is common for partners to get jealous. They are sometimes threatened by their lover’s  friends, career or hobbies. Unfitting jealousy easily breaks apart a relationship because one of the parties may be too controlling and paranoid. You have to remember that there is thin line between obsession and love. Love involves trust and respect. Open communication can also help you learn what pitfalls avoid so that you can keep your relationship intact.

4. Curious phone-related behavior
Mobile phones and social networking sites are personal and should be kept private. Reading your partner’s personal messages without permission is an invasion of privacy. With that being said, suspicious phone and social media activities are red flags that need to be addressed. Your partner may be hiding something if there are drastic changes in how he or she communicates with other people. It could be late night messages with “a friend,” newly changed passwords or whispered phone conversations in the bathroom. These changes can be threatening to your relationship because there is a huge possibility that your partner is seeing someone else.

5. Failure to recognize important changes
During your honeymoon phase, you and your partner notice small details such as perfume scents, newly shaved legs, new articles of clothing and missed meals. You compliment each other for nicely cooked dishes, sweet surprises and the tiniest loving gestures. Your relationship is on the rocks if you no longer pay attention the important changes that happen to your partner. Missing his/her new haircut or tanned skin may seem irrelevant, but these observations are indicators of how much you care for each other.

6. Consistently lying
There’s a saying that the truth will set us free. Yes, it does liberate us from worries and problems. There are times, however, when couples opt to lie to each other because they are afraid of confrontation and repercussions. Small lies may seem harmless at first but they can accumulate and result in huge issues if left unchecked. The adage “once a cheater, always a cheater” is also worth considering. If your partner is lying to you all the time, it might be good to ask yourself if the relationship is still worth keeping.

Being in a loving relationship will make you feel good about yourself, but a destructive relationship will only give you pain and misery. Attempts to make things work out are admirable but can only get you so far. In some cases, letting go is the best option.

Are you having a hard time moving on after a recent break up? If you really think your ex was the love of your life, then maybe you should think twice about letting go. We all make mistakes in our relationship. No one is perfect and sometimes you just need to learn how to forgive and let go of the things that aren’t really important. If you’ve been having a hard time explaining this to your ex, click here to check out this video. I think it will really help you.