The Sex Was Wack! Should I Dump Him?

I met this guy. Really good looking. Great body. Nice job. Very funny. We went out on a couple of dates and finally one night we kissed. It was a little sloppy, perhaps with a little too much saliva but I didn’t think much of it. Then came the night when I felt I was ready to finally let him make love to me. Boy do I regret it. There was a lot of fumbling and it wasn’t because the lights were out and he couldn’t see. The entire session lasted about five minutes. The worst thing is that he seemed fine with everything. I was disappointed and I’m wondering if I should continue seeing this guy despite the fact that his sex game is wack.

A lot of women have been in a similar situation where a guy is everything they want but he leaves a lot to be desired in the sex department. When a woman discovers that a guy is wack in bed, the first thing that goes through her minds is “is this what I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life?”

So should you dump a guy if he’s wack in bed? The answer is yes…and no.

You shouldn’t dump him if…

You have known him for a very long time and you are really into each other. If you’ve connected emotionally and he treats you right, then he is worth sticking around for.

Before you start saying that we are crazy for thinking you should put up with bad sex, ask yourself one question…

Do you want to make things better? You don’t have to put up with bad sex if you can turn it into good sex.

Men aren’t mind readers. How the heck do you expect him to know you like being on top or you like doing it with the lights on if you don’t tell him?

Unless you are dating a virgin (which is highly unlikely in this day and era) his exes were probably okay with the sex or they just didn’t have the courage to tell him he was terrible at it. So he’s none the wiser and thinks he’s doing it right.

Most guys love pleasing their women in bed. It makes them feel good knowing they can actually satisfy a woman.

So tell your man what you want him to do for you in bed. Show him how you like it and be gentle about it. Don’t belittle him or make him feel stupid. Boost his confidence in bed and slowly you will see an improvement in his sex game.

You should dump him if…

He isn’t worth your time or he only cares about pleasing himself. If you are not that into him, it’s best to cut your losses and move on to the next one.

If he doesn’t care about what you want in bed even after you’ve tried showing him, then dump his ass. If he is selfish in bed imagine what else he is selfish about.

Also, if the sex is wack because he doesn’t care about hygiene, you should dump him. Why would a guy who claims to care about you not take the time to clean up and look good for you? You are not his mother and you shouldn’t be telling a grown man to take a shower or brush his teeth.

Consider his personality

Honestly, sometimes the sex is wack because you both have different personalities. Maybe your idea of a wild sex session involves some BDSM or you like it when the both of you role play or whatever. Your man might be a little conservative. He might like it with the lights off or he might not like the idea of you tying him up for a little BDSM.

With a little encouragement, you can turn him into a great lover but that depends on his attitude towards sex. If he’s the type that thinks sex is only for procreation or it’s “dirty” then you will be in for a heck of a challenge. Turning a guy into a great lover isn’t an easy thing. They have to be willing to change.

Have you ever met a guy who was wack in bed? Did you try to turn him into a great lover? How did that go? We’d love to know.