Marriage Is Not For Me…


171385786An increasing number of women have decided that walking down the aisle is not their only route to happily-ever-after. The question that then begs asking is why so many of them are choosing to get married later in life, or to forego marriage altogether. What are the consequences of such actions?

“Why not make an honest woman out of her?” That was the question that Whitley Louvier’s boss asked Brad, her boyfriend of seven years, as they were attending his coworker’s nuptials. This was in an attempt to give Brad a hard time.

The question was so irritating, Louvier, aged 24 now honestly reveals. She currently studies psychology and lives near Houston, Texas. She believes her boss wrongly assumed that because she was already cohabiting with her boyfriend, Louvier must have been yearning for a proposal from him.

Her boss couldn’t have been further from the truth. Louvier’s boyfriend has been trying to persuade her to her to seriously consider marrying him. At times, he even introduces her to others as his better half, and although Louvier has nothing but praises to sing about her boyfriend, she is nonetheless not yet ready to settle down. She then states that she can’t even consider marriage until she’s at least 29 or 30. Not before she has at least attained her master’s degree

As for the boss and her husband, they ended up getting divorced, just a month later, according to Louvier. One is left to wonder why she was set on convincing Louvier to enter an institution that she was already in the process of leaving, as subsequent events proved.

Whitley thinks her boss may have just been thinking of the difficult process she had been through trying to get her divorce. You know, splitting the house, sharing the kids, and all the trivial jealousies, Louvier surmises. Misery truly loves company.