Marriage vs The Single Woman

In days gone by, marriage was considered a lifelong commitment by the majority of couples. People took their wedding vows seriously, and they did not give themselves an easy out. Marriage is a legal contract and should never be taken lightly. Nevertheless, some thoughtlessly make their relationship legally binding instead of considering the pros of single life.

Because countless marriages end in divorce, many women are choosing to maintain their legal independence. A single status is not a good reason to feel slighted or the least bit unhappy. It is a personal choice that includes many benefits. Contrary to popular belief, legally single people are not necessarily lonely, bitter or sad. They are often very content and happy with life. They know the pros of maintaining financial and social independence, and they retain the freedom to make spontaneous decisions.

Financial Independence

One of the leading pros of single life is financial independence. Those who are not married do not have to explain their spending habits to anyone. They do not have to discuss major purchases or investments. It is important for all women to gain and preserve financial independence. Even if marriage might be in the future, it will not come with a guarantee. The ability to financially survive is vital for peace of mind.

Social Independence

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