Nine Strategies for Improving Communication With Your Partner

If you and your partner struggle to talk to each other, you can start to feel emotionally disconnected, resentful and lonely. However, even small changes to your communication strategies can yield huge benefits that boost intimacy and make conversations much more enjoyable. Here are nine strategies that will instantly help to improve communication in your relationship.

1) Listen more carefully
Think about your listening skills and consider areas for improvement. Do you find yourself interrupting your partner, tuning out half way through a conversation or focusing primarily on what you’re going to say rather than what is being said to you? If so, work to counteract these issues. Being listened to is immensely powerful, and giving your partner your full attention communicates respect, interest and care.

2) Avoid misinterpretations
Many arguments start with a misunderstanding. If you find yourself reacting negatively to something your partner says, the first step you should take involves figuring out exactly what was meant. Clearing up potential ambiguities can stop conflict before it gets started.

3) Think about the roots of negative reactions

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