Now or Later; How Long Should I Wait…

Ah, the million dollar question every woman asks when she starts dating a new guy. Should I wait three dates, four months, a whole year, until marriage? Everybody has a theory about how long you should wait. Steve Harvey even covered this topic in his book “Act like a lady think like a man”. He talked about the 90 day rule, which basically says you shouldn’t have sex with a man for the first ninety days.

But here’s the deal about men:

They push you to have sex with them and when you do they start saying you are easy. After all, if you can have sex on the first date you probably do it with every other guy. On the other hand, waiting 90 days or however long doesn’t guarantee the relationship will work out. There are couples who had sex on the first date and eventually got married. Others waited five years or until marriage and their relationships ended horribly. So to answer your question about how long you should wait, think about these factors:

  1. Is he interested in you or in sex?

Figuring this out will help you weed out the players from the serious guys. Players are only there to hit and quit so watch out for them. The last thing you want is to feel foolish every day for giving it up to a guy who was playing you all along.