Reasons Why I Avoid Dating a Man With Kids

There’s something really sexy about a guy who takes care of his kids. We are so used to hearing about dads leaving all the baby caring work to the moms so when we see a dad taking care of his kids we can’t help but admire him. But for me admiration is the furthest I can go. A guy with kids is a deal breaker for me and here’s why:

We won’t spend as much time together

The fact that he has kids to take care of means the amount of time he spends with me will be limited. Sometimes he might have to cancel on me because his kid has an emergency or the baby sitter bailed out last minute or his baby mama dropped off the kids at his house unexpectedly. I understand his kids will always come first. I wouldn’t want any guy to put my needs before his kids’ needs but I like spending quality time with my man and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to enjoy that if I date a guy with kids.

He won’t be able to spend money on me

Before you start labeling me as a gold digger, let me just say that I don’t expect a man to pay my bills but let’s be real here. What woman doesn’t want her man to take her out once in a while on some adventurous activity or an extravagant dinner?