Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Avoid

All relationships are clearly not meant to be. Only a few really deserve your time and your efforts. Sometimes we have clouded judgment and fail to recognize warning signs that are clearly apparent. Everyone deserves to love and be loved in a relationship. Often relationships start out wonderfully and turn sour while dating. You should invest your time with those people who respect you and will treat you well. Yet, sometimes we may overlook some of the warning signs that may save us much heart ache in the end.

1. Physical Abuse – physical abuse should always be a deal breaker. Early signals may be extremely rough play where you end up bruised. Other early signs are pushing, shoving, or playfully hitting you too hard. These are signs that he is physically aggressive and doesn’t mind hurting you.

2. Emotional/Verbal Abuse – name calling (no, we aren’t talking about terms of endearment) such as you’re a fat slob, you’re ugly, or anything that doesn’t promote good will is inexcusable. If such terms are being used towards you, drop that person, they do not respect you. Having that person say that they didn’t mean it, or they were joking isn’t an acceptable excuse.

3. Emotional Roller coasters – avoid people who love you one day, and want to break things off the next day. This person is unstable, and will only continue this cycle as your relationship continues. A person who does articulate mixed messages isn’t emotionally mature enough for a relationship.

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