Seven Myths That Will Doom Your Relationship

Recently, a few good friends shared some really awful ideas they have about relationships.

After a little digging, it turns out that sometimes the real problem are the erroneous myths about how things work in a relationship. Truthfully, no one has handed us a manual on how to act when we’re in love. These mistaken ideas are so wrong that believing in them creates problems that may not be present.

Here are seven common myths about relationships that can lead you straight down the road to a breakup:

1. Thinking marriage will magically transform the relationship.

Even if have never been married, then you may have this deep-seeded belief that marrying the partner you’re dating will magically fix all the issues in your relationship. This belief is emphatically wrong.

The truth is, your marriage won’t be any stronger or healthier than the relationship you have now. So if your relationship is good, you’ll have a good marriage. If there is mistrust, infidelity problems, abuse, money problems now, then you will have those same problems when married.

2. In healthy relationships, you don’t fight.

You and your partner might be close, but you may not agree with everything. You may have disagreements and a lot of conflicts.

A good relationship is more about the way you handle conflict than the presence of it. You shouldn’t agree with your partner all the time. If someone says they never disagree with their partner, that says more about the relationship than rip-roaring arguments.