Side Chick Another Name For Mistress

This article highlights seven reasons why you are just his mistress. But the truth is, YOU are the main reason you will only be his side chick, especially if you know that is what you are from the beginning.

Because You Allow It

If you accept less, nine times out of ten that is what you will get. Many side chicks simply allow themselves to be put into the category of mistress. They accept the game their man runs on them even when they say they want better. If she isn’t aware of the other woman, then that is different. Unfortunately plenty women are aware of the main chick and still choose to go along with the situation. The reality is that many side chicks believe that eventually they will be able to push the main chick out and become his one and only. Most are delusional if believe this will happen, becoming the main check if often never achieved.   And if by some chance you become his main chick, what have you really won?

Side Chick Benefits

Let’s face it, some guys offer an excellent benefits package to their mistress. Lavish gifts, bills paid, and all the two-minute sex sessions she could dream of. For many women, this is worth the trade-off of not being the main woman. We can discuss whether this is right or wrong, but I’m not getting into that today. The perceived benefits that the woman will receive including having more flexibility on when she does or don’t have to deal with this man, makes this arrangement work in her mind. She isn’t truly into him either so for her it’s less hassle and more fun as far as she is concerned.

You Fear a Real Relationship