Signs He is Not the One for You

Although it can be difficult to determine if your partner is truly someone you want to spend the rest of your life with in the early stages of a relationship, there are ways you can tell he is not the right man for you. Sometimes it is healthy to date with no objective, and you certainly should never place all of your future hopes in someone you barely know. But when you become aware of signs that he is not the one for you early on in your relationship, you can save yourself a lot of future pain and heartache. Here are five signs that he is not the one for you:

1.       You find yourself courtesy laughing at his jokes.

While humor isn’t exactly the glue that holds relationships together, it is a good way to determine your future happiness level with someone. The jokes you don’t find funny now, could be what grates on your nerves when you are in a more established relationship, leading you to discover the other ways you are incompatible. You may find yourself breaking up sooner rather than later if you do not take this into account.

2.       You don’t want to introduce him to your friends.

Being slow to introduce your friends to the person you’re dating can be completely natural. However, there is a difference between taking your time and deciding you don’t want your relationship to mix with your friendships. If you are uncomfortable at the thought of inviting him into your inner circle when you’ve been seeing each other for a decent amount of time, he likely is not the one for you.

3.       You are uncomfortable with his affection.

You might be in a relationship with someone that you know has all the makings of a great husband. He could be funny, charming, intelligent and handsome, but something just doesn’t feel right when he goes to hold your hand or kiss you goodnight. Some people prefer less public display of affection, even in a relationship with person they want to spend the rest of their life with, and that is perfectly fine. But when you find yourself sitting on the opposite end of a couch or distancing yourself from him in public or in private, your relationship is probably not going to go the distance.

4.       You don’t believe you’re both equally invested in the relationship.

If you feel that you and the man you’re dating are not mutually invested in your relationship early on, there is a high likelihood your relationship will not withstand the test of time. If you are the one who is more invested in your relationship, your only chance at making it last is by taking a big step back and finding other things to enjoy in life besides your relationship. Look for new hobbies you can do alone, and resist the urge to share your every thought with your partner. If your partner is more invested in the relationship than you are, and you feel that you just need time to catch up, it is important to have this talk early on.

5.       You struggle to trust your partner.

Unfortunately, trust issues are quite common in relationships; but the truth is, when a man is worthy of your trust, it will be clear to you. If you make excuses for his unexplained absences in your life, you need to have a serious talk about how you feel about his behavior. When you discuss your discomfort, he will either provide you with a clear and reasonable explanation or get defensive and refuse to change his behavior. If a man gets defensive with a woman he cares about, it is usually because he has something to hide. You should take that into account when determining if you want to continue your relationship or not.

When you look for something that is wrong, you will certainly find it, even in the best relationships. But if you simply keep an open mind about the status and progression of your relationship, you will be in a better position to determine if your uncertainty in a relationship is valid or not. Never make the mistake of investing your heart and time into a relationship that you don’t feel good about.