Signs of an Abusive Relationship

An abusive relationship exists when one person suffers either emotional or physical duress at the hands of their partner. In some relationships the abuse can be both physical and emotional. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional or both, it can have a long term, adverse effect on the victim. These are just some of the signs of an abusive relationship.


At the beginning of a relationship, everything is usually good, with no signs of the abuse to come. However, as the relationship progresses, one partner may find that they are dominated by the other, as the latter controls and dictates what happens within the relationship. And it’s not necessarily just for major decisions – the abusive partner wants to control all aspects of the couple’s life together. The abused partner ends up in a situation where they are constantly trying to please their partner, but never succeeding. All their suggestions and opinions are the wrong ones.

Social restriction

Abusers like to keep their victims under control at all times, and one way in which they seek to do this is by preventing their partner from having any sort of social life. They veto invitations, and may try to break up friendships so that the abused partner has nobody to turn to. While the abusive partner may accept invitations where they feel they can be in control of the situation, this is not helpful to the abused partner, who is likely to feel isolated and withdrawn.

Constant mood swings