Single and Loving It!

More and more women are choosing to be single longer, prioritizing personal and financial development over the race to find a husband and having kids. Numerous studies have shown that there are plenty of benefits to the single-life that will have a positive impact on your physical health and personal growth. Here are some of the very best reasons why delaying marriage is ideal for today’s women.

  1. Freedom

The most obvious and significant benefit of being a single woman is that you can essentially do whatever you want. If you have a whimsical urge to go for a night out, plan a weekend away or look for a job in a new city, you are free to be spontaneous. Married couples have to negotiate every major life choice, often resulting in decisions that don’t truly suit either party.

  1. Better fitness levels

Studies have repeatedly shown that single people devote more time to regular gym workouts and are more likely to attend exercises classes. In contrast, people in long-term relationships are known to become ‘too comfortable’, feeling that they are secure enough to eat four pizzas a week. It’s also worth noting that people in unhappy relationships tend to pile on even more pounds than women in happy relationships (possibly due to comfort eating).

  1. Achievement

Instead of picking up your husband’s dirty socks and fighting about when to have dinner with the in-laws, you will have the time and energy to pursue your career goals. Whether you want to be a high-flying lawyer or open your own restaurant, there are no romantic responsibilities hampering your productivity.

  1. Self-development

If you wait until later in life to pursue a committed relationship, you’ll be a more mature person. Extra self-knowledge and life experience will have connected you with your needs and helped you decide what you honestly want from a marriage. Consequently, you’re less likely to swoon over the first charming rogue who throws a half-baked compliment your way, and more likely to have a rational, thoughtful perspective on a prospective match.

  1. Financial autonomy

If you’re single, you can manage your money according to your own needs, avoiding bitter arguments about a massive credit card bill or the expensive new camera you don’t think your partner really needs. Having control of your own finances means that major purchases are a matter of real desire rather than grudging compromise, and you have no responsibility for anyone else’s debt.

  1. Sexual experience

Being single doesn’t mean having to give up sex; it just means that you are free to set up less committed encounters and explore some of the attractions that would be off the table if you were married or looking for a serious relationship. If you free yourself from the old-fashioned expectation that you should be looking for a serious partner, you can have plenty of fun flings if the mood takes you.

  1. Better sleep quality

While there’s something to be said for snuggling up next to a loving, warm body, there’s also a lot to be said for being able to spread out like a starfish. Married women often complain about lack of bed space, constant snoring and restless sleep, so you’re likely to feel more refreshed after a night spent sleeping alone.

  1. Time to maintain close friendships

Finally, married couples often let previous friendships drift away, only realizing their social life is all but dead once divorce is in the cards. As a single woman, you’ll have the time to nurture the meaningful friendships in your life. You’ll also never be in the position of relying on just one person for company or support, so there will always be a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble. – Lisa P.