Six Reasons Relationships Fail

Maximize your chances of success by living by a few simple rules.  

Relationships are difficult. Every year new books are published offering advice and guidance, while magazines and newspapers are filled with tales of heartbreak, infidelity and divorce. Of course, no relationship is guaranteed to endure, no matter what you do. But live by a few simple rules and you will at least maximize your chances of success.

First, beware the small things, both good and bad. Do not underestimate the ‘drip, drip effect’. For example, if you are naturally messy, but your partner is obsessively tidy, be conscious of this. Unpleasant personal habits can also undermine a relationship: burping, passing wind, leaving toe nail clippings or shaved hair in the bath, all soon break the romantic spell. Many bitter divorces began with trivial irritations.

Small, loving gestures keep a relationship strong. This is especially true when children arrive. Keep it romantic, and make time for one another. That does not mean a candle-lit dinner or a trip to Paris. Too many people attempt to repair months of neglect through one clumsy gesture. Keep it simple. Leave a note on your partner’s pillow, or buy a copy of their favorite magazine on your way home. If your partner is to give a presentation at work, send a text saying “thinking of you”, or “you’ll be great”, just before it is due. Anyone can say “I love you” on anniversaries and birthdays; you need to demonstrate that love.