Still Single? 4 Things To Think About When You Haven’t Found Mr. Right

Do you cringe every time one of your friends get engaged? Do you wonder “How in the hell did she find Mr. Right and I’m still single?”

If you’re still single, you may wonder what you’ve done wrong or why you don’t deserve the love everyone else seems to have. Being single is not a stigma or a reflection of your character (for most of us at least). Everyone is single at some point in their life. Here are four things you should think about if you’re still looking for Mr. Right.

1. You keep dating the same type of man

If you’re not having any luck finding a boyfriend who lasts, you might be choosing the same type of boyfriend over and over. You might be attracted to a certain type, but if you’re not having success, it might be time for you to date different kinds of men. Don’t commit yourself to only one type of person when dating, because you will miss out on meeting other great people who might be more suitable to you.

2. You’re playing hard to get