Stop Scaring Your Dates Away

Things that women who want to be in a committed relationship do to scare men off.

You’re hot, classy, confident, smart and funny but you have one problem; guys seem to vanish after a few dates. At first you thought it’s because they couldn’t handle a fierce woman like you because they were insecure. But you are now worried that all the men you like disappear after a few dates. The ones who stick around are jerks. Then you start thinking that maybe you are meant to spend the rest of your life alone and miserable. Well, have you considered that it could be something you are saying or doing that’s making them run for the hills? Below are some of the mistakes you could be making with a man you started dating.

  1. Being a jealous psycho

Here’s a scenario. Your guy goes out with his boys. It’s his first night out ever since he hooked up with you. You’re okay with that but as the night progresses, you start texting him and calling him every five minutes asking him when he will be home. You start wondering if he is flirting with other women. Is he cheating on you? You end up leaving your house and going to the club to “check up” on him. You just want to be sure no other woman is cozying up to him. When you display this sort of behavior, the guy will immediately think you are a jealous psycho and he will bolt.

  1. Being a gossip

So you have some juicy stories about Sandra’s cheating boyfriend and you can’t wait to tell your new hot guy. In fact, you can’t wait to tell him about Mona’s accidental pregnancy. You can’t imagine how someone would get pregnant by accident. Haven’t they heard of contraceptives?