Stop Scaring Your Dates Away

As you sit there gossiping about other people’s business, your man will probably be thinking that he should keep his mouth shut or else you will air out his laundry for everyone to see. And yes, he will run as fast as he can away from you.

  1. You are too controlling

There was this couple that went out to dinner. The guy ordered some greasy fried chicken while the lady ordered a potato salad. When their food arrived, the girl decided that what the guy had ordered was “unhealthy” and she was watching his waistline. She didn’t want him to grow fat. So she ordered for him a salad. She even insisted on showing him how to use the salad fork. Yes, this is a real story.

When a guy sees you are controlling, he starts imagining that that’s how your relationship will be the entire time you are together. He would rather bolt than have to deal with your controlling behavior.

  1. Flirting openly

Okay, so maybe your intention is to make him a little jealous. You flirt a little with other guys in his presence just to make sure he knows you’re still a catch. This is wrong because that’s not the message you are sending across. In his mind he is thinking you’re a sleaze even if you are not. Men and women like being prioritized and flirting with other men in front of him is plain disrespectful.

  1. Claim staking

Three dates in and you have already changed your Facebook status. In fact, you are now talking to him about marriage and babies. Phew…talk about going from 0-100 real fast! You haven’t even given him time to figure out what he likes about you or if he likes you. Give yourself space to enjoy your blossoming romance. In time you will talk about where your relationship stands. Or maybe you won’t. But remember you are not a couple until you are a couple!