Stop Wasting Your Time

Heed the signs! Your time and energy are valuable commodities.

No doubt you have been here before: you are dating a guy and for the first few weeks everything is going great, but suddenly you hit the three-month anniversary and it still feels as though you barely know each other. You notice that you are still his once-a-week girl, and there are no signs of a deeper connection in your future. Now you are sitting with yourself and wondering if this guy is worth staying invested in or if the time has come to leave. To help you make your choice, here are five signs he is just not worth your time.

1. He isn’t responsive to you.

Look at how long it takes him to text you back on average. If you can reliably text him at any reasonable moment and hear back within the hour, you have a guy that is into you. If you can expect a 12-hour wait even when you know he is taking the day off to laze around on his couch eating chips and watching movies, you can assume you are low on the priority list. If you frequently spend days waiting for his responses, you have a guy who is disinterested, completely self-obsessed, or cheating — and not on you, but with you.

2. He doesn’t make an effort to see you.