The Body Language of Dating

Take a look at your hands. What are they doing right now? If you’re reading this at your desk, your right hand is probably hovering over your mouse, ready to scroll or click to the next page. What about your idle hand? Is it tapping, fidgeting with a small object, or scratching your face? Perhaps it’s resting flat on your desk or your knee. Believe it or not, subtle habits and body motions reveal quite a bit about your mental state. Quick repetitive motions mean you’re nervous or anxious about something. Sitting still indicates that you’re placid and relaxed. These examples are fairly general, but knowing some of the signals you’re broadcasting with your body can be advantageous in real-life situations. If you’re fluent in body language, you can also read these signals in other people. This is a useful skill for interviews, negotiations, and especially dating.

The next time you’re out with someone for dinner, pay attention to your date’s eyes. If they’re locked on yours, they’re into you. If his eyes are darting around the room, or looking down, he’s not making an effort to listen to what you’re saying. If she gets up and goes to the bathroom to fix her makeup that’s normal, but if she’s got her pocket mirror set up on the table in front of her and starts “adjusting” for several minutes, she’s looking for an excuse to distract herself from engaging with you.

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