The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Dating A Younger Guy

So you are thinking of dating a younger guy, huh? We say go for it. There are plenty of good things that come with dating a younger guy but there are also bad and ugly things. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly about dating a younger guy.

The good

Younger guys still have bedroom stamina. Let’s be honest; as guys grow older, their sex drive decreases. Unfortunately it decreases just when a woman’s sex drive is at its peak. But if you date a younger guy, you don’t have to worry about that. His resilience and stronger libido may just be a good match for you.

Younger guys give you a refreshing perspective. His experiences are different from yours. What you did way back is not what these young guys do nowadays. He might make you see things in a different light, which is very refreshing.

Speaking of experiences, there are some things you feel like you’ve been there, done that. But when you experience them again with a younger guy for the first time, you will benefit from his youthful enthusiasm. Young guys are much more energetic and they make you feel young and vibrant again.

Younger guys are also open to new experiences. They are not stuck in their ways like older men typically are. As we age, we tend to get stuck in our ways. We only want to do things a certain way and there are things we are not willing to try. But a younger guy doesn’t have such limitations.

The bad

You might not have a lot in common especially if the guy is way younger than you. We are talking about a ten to twenty year age gap. First of all, that’s a whole generation gap right there and you. He might not know the type of music you listen to TV shows you grew up with. But if you are going for a guy who is three or five years younger than you, then he will probably relate to some of the things you grew up with.

There’s a huge chance that you might start mothering your man especially if you are a strong woman who likes being in charge. Some guys are so intrigued by older women that they are willing to do anything they want. You say jump he asks how high. If you are looking for a boy toy then this could work in your favor but if you are not, it could drive you crazy. For instance, he might not want to initiate anything or pay a bill. He might also be too needy and might be looking to be mothered by you.

Younger guys only live for the moment; very few think about the future. You might be concerned about future security and financial stability but that’s the last thing on his mind. As far as he is concerned, he only lives once. This difference in opinion can be a source of friction in your relationship.

The ugly

As an older woman, you might feel insecure from time to time when you find your man checking out younger girls. No matter how strong and confident you are, there will be moments where you’ll wonder if he will leave you for a younger woman.

If you are insecure about aging, you will constantly be asking your man to validate your youth. It’s okay to feel insecure about aging once in a while…who doesn’t? But it can escalate to a point where it drives your man away.

While society has begun to accept older women dating younger guys, it’s yet to become totally accepted. People will still give you funny looks when they see you together. Yes, they will whisper and gossip so if you are easily stigmatized by the relationship, then it is doomed from the start.

You might also not be on the same page as the younger guy about your relationship. You might be looking for something long term while he is looking to have some fun or get a little action. More importantly, he might be looking to start a family since he is still young while you might not be looking to start another family since you’ve already been there, done that.

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly about dating younger guys. If you are ready to jump into the kiddie pool, this is what you should expect but if you feel the guy is worth it, we say go for it.  written by Jackie K.

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