“The Other Woman”

This is an actual email from I am fed up with your lies and cheating, and all  I can say is “Wow!”

You’re all nothing but whiny, sad little bitches! I’m the other woman and damn proud of it! I can get any guy I want!! I am single, bored, and YOUR MAN is the one chasing me and I’m just interested in sex, fun & $ and I have no idea who you are and I don’t care…I really don’t give a damn if he and I fucked because that’s all it is to me. Meaningless sex, a way to get my bills paid, gifts lavished on me and taken on trips and treated like the Queen I am while you the girlfriend or wifey is stuck home alone taking care of his stupid kids, cleaning up after him, washing his shit stained undies… You women are pathetic! You why your men cheat? You no longer satisfy them in the bedroom and you went from being their fantasy dream girl to their mother, and believe me, no sane guy is interested in dating his mother. I make him feel sexy, I excite him, I will fuck him at a moment’s notice and then am fine with him leaving to go back to his boring life with you!! I get him at his best.