The Texting Game: What Texting over Calling Could Really Mean

Imagine meeting a beautiful stranger and having the unexpected pleasure of partaking in that person’s company for a few minutes in time. You exchange pleasantries, talk about current events and tell each other about future aspirations. Sparks fly and it becomes apparent that you must see this person again. Telephone numbers are exchanged and hope of a true connection is born. Everything done from this point on will either nurture that connection or destroy it, so the method of communication is important for setting the right tone and for fanning the flame. Texting is a popular choice, but is it a good way to connect to a new love interest? Let’s examine what is really being communicated when text messages are the primary method of communication by identifying some types of text senders.

Type 1 – On the Go! Go! GO!

The first type of messenger uses their activity as a buffer to connection.  They may have a demanding work schedule or multiple activities competing for time, such as school, work, club affiliations and volunteering. The text is an easy way to show interest, but the real question is whether or not the person will be able to actually spend any real time creating a bond. If a relationship is desired then time is essential to build it.

Type 2- Spaghetti Against The Wall