The Ultimate Online Dating Guide

10 Online Dating Rules Men and Women Should Follow

Back in the old days, people used to meet their ideal partner through what seemed like a stroke of serendipity. Maybe you would run into your next date at a friend’s birthday party, or maybe you’d finally meet the great love of your life ordering a cup of coffee in the morning from your favorite spot.

When it comes to dating today though, more and more people are meeting their match online. While online dating has certainly become more popular and socially accepted over the last 10 years, that doesn’t that everybody is doing it the right way.

Use these tips to help you get the most out of online dating whether you’re looking for a hookup, a life partner or something in-between.

1. Be Honest With Yourself

Before you sign up for any online dating site and starting building your profile you should sit down and figure out what you’re really hoping to get out of joining the world of online dating. After all, online dating sites are just tools, and all tools can be used differently depending on the task at hand.

Are you looking for a hookup with somebody that you find attractive and aren’t repulsed by? You’re not alone, so there’s nothing wrong with that thinking if you’re upfront with a potential partner and yourself about it.

Maybe you’re looking for casual dating — the type of relationship where you can meet up for a movie and a drink once a week without a ton of pressure on moving toward that common goal of marriage? A lot of people out there are looking for somebody to spend time with without hoping for marriage.

Perhaps you are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Many people find partners that they end up marrying or forming long-term domestic relationships with, so it can certainly be done.

2. Pick the Right Dating Site