Things NEVER to Tolerate in Your Relationship

“But I love him” is never an acceptable reason for staying in a bad relationship. 

No matter how much in love you are, maintaining a relationship or marriage is hard work. No big reveal there, huh? You need patience, love, understanding, communication, and respect to make it all work and ensure few arguments. Essentially, these are the things you promised each other when you got married, but sometimes these promises get lost or forgotten. Thousands of people make a living out of giving relationship advice, and useful advice is usually the most simple.

Whether you have been married for one day or 20 years, there are some things that you simply should not accept in your relationship with your partner. Here are 14 things that you should definitely not be tolerating in your relationship.

1. Made to feel belittled

Rarely does your partner’s situation mirrors your own. It doesn’t matter if you are from opposite sides of the track, if one partner has a better job, more education, or more opportunities, these situations should not matter if you are truly in love and committed to each other.  If your partner constantly rubs these details in your face and belittles your decisions and your career plans or ambitions, you should not tolerate this because it is disastrous for a marriage.

2. Mental and verbal abuse

One of the biggest red flags in a marriage in when your partner abuses you mentally and verbally, which is just as bad as physical abuse. It can signal the death of your confidence, independence, and ability to hold your own in society. Yelling at you, humiliating you, calling you names, or ridiculing you are all considered part of the definition of verbal and mental abuse.

3. Intolerance towards your friends