This Sex Technique Will Prove Whether or Not You’re In Love


True love… does it even exist? And if you believe in it, how would you even know that you’ve found it? Oh, the questions we ask ourselves when it comes to love, and the real answers can only be left up to you. Although this is a subjective thought, there’s one sexpert that believes there’s a sex technique that will prove whether or not a couple is truly in love. Interesting, right?

Well according to sexologist Geodele Liekens, there’s a certain sex act that will validate your love for one another, a true test to see if love actually exists between you two or if you’re just fooling each other. This sex act will test how intense your feelings are for your partner and will help you find out if you really love them or are just clouded with the idea of loving them.

Couples who want to see if they are truly in love must practice what she calls the lotus position. This certain sex act has the female mounting her male partner in such a way that both their bodies are facing each other. Then the long-term couple should gaze into each other’s eyes. If there are very intense feelings on both sides, just through their eye contact alone, their genitals will have some sort of “awakening,” as the British paper Metro writes.

This sex technique/true love test was first revealed on the British TV series “Sex Box” that aims to help couples explore their sexuality with sexually themed discussions after having performed sex. So couples go at in a sex box, and the hosts then discuss their relationship. Once the couple is done, they talk about the sex and their relationship with the host.