Tips to Deal With Rejection

Nobody can deny that being rejected feels extremely awful. But how bad can rejection actually be? Believe it or not, science has shown us that being rejected actually activates the some of the same areas in the brain we endure physical pain. You read that right — being rejected often elicits the same neural response as physical suffering. More research shows that rejection can also temporarily lower one’s I.Q. and ability to think reasonably and rationally.

Regardless of the scientific effects, we already know that being rejected over and over again can take its toll on one’s self-esteem, confidence, and emotion. The reason this happens is usually because many of us take rejection too personally. We often view it as a mistake in our own character and because of that, we let it get to our emotions and affect our behavior. Rejection is something we will always have to deal with. Whether you are being turned down for a date from that cute guy or girl you met last week or being turned down from that awesome job you’ve been hoping to get since last month. Luckily for you, there are some strategies to deal with any rejection you might face.

First things first, be careful of your reaction when you are initially rejected. Try not to be the type of person who is quick to lash out in anger or sadness. Instead, try to keep a hold of your emotions. Know that it is perfectly fine to feel a certain way, do express your emotions in a healthy manner. For example, if you let loose all your anger and frustration by venting on a person, you might damage the relationship for good.

You should also remember that each “no” brings you one step closer to receiving a “yes.” Ask the questions you need to ask and listen for the answers you need to hear. When you are rejected, you should do your best to find out why you were rejected and make improvements to avoid it from happening again. Try your best to critically analyze what went wrong and look for any flaws that may be hampering your success. If able, you should ask the other party what you should do to improve.

Lastly, try not to overthink why you were rejected. It is important to self-analyze and criticize, but do not dwell on it. Doing this will only make you feel miserable and hamper your self-esteem. Just remember that nobody has succeeded before they have failed. After all, Thomas Edison failed making a light bulb a thousand times before he successfully made one.

Getting rejected is always a rough thing to deal with. Nobody likes it, but keep these handy tips in mind whenever you need to deal with being turned down. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Have confidence in yourself and don’t give up just because you’ve hit a rough patch. Nothing is impossible if you have enough willpower. -Patrick W. Dunne