Turn-Offs for Women and Men

Men and women both spend a huge amount of time trying to figure out exactly what they need to do in order to attract the opposite sex. Understanding the subtle elements that come into play when it comes to attraction is far from an exact science. Many people set out looking for text that tells them what to do in order to attract partners. However, knowing what not to do can be just as important. Continue reading in order to discover five physical turn-offs for women followed by five turn-offs for men.

Turn-offs for women:

Personal Hygiene Comes First

A man with bad breath is never a turn-on for a woman. Poor oral hygiene also includes missing, chipped, and stained teeth. It is important for men to floss, brush twice a day, and stay up to date with those annual visits to the dentist.

Grooming Is Crucial

Women are never attracted to scruffiness or odor that is out of control. Men must take care of themselves and shave regularly, especially when they prefer a well-manicured woman. The sweaty, manly figure that exists in ads and on television is not actually a daily aphrodisiac for women.

Keep Hair Under Control

While many women find chest hair to be tantalizing, back hair is a different story. This hair is not a sign of masculinity. Women spend a considerable amount of time removing unwanted hair from their bodies for men, making it necessary for some men to return the favor.

Hairstyles Make an Impact

Modern women do not prefer a man with a ponytail or frosted tips. While semi-long, rebellious hair can have its appeal, it is important to stay up-to-date with modern looks and style. The hairstyle a man chooses goes a long way in defining the assumptions a woman makes about his personality.

Men presenting themselves with stained and tarnished clothing automatically turn a woman off. Stains indicate to women that men are sloppy and unwilling to put any time or effort into their appearance.

Turn-offs for Men:

Limit Your Beauty Routine

Women can almost never go wrong with a limited amount of makeup that highlights their features and makes the eyes pop. However, makeup should never be used to hide your features or give the appearance that you are clownish or too easy in the bedroom.

Handle Yourself Like a Woman

Women should maintain their femininity, including limiting curse words in their vocabulary. Avoid abrasive and masculine behavior as well while also embracing an appearance that is wholly feminine.

Nails and Hair Count

Guys may overlook a considerable number of details when it comes to a girl’s appearance. However, they will take notice of tangled hair and chipped or bitten nails when physically touching you. These two oversights can lead to real physical barriers for the relationship.

Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Hair that is obvious around the upper lip of a woman is never a winner for most men. Excess hair in the facial region applies to eyebrows as well. Shave, dye, or pluck these unwanted follicles in order to keep a partner interested.

Your Natural Smell

Body odor from a woman is never a good thing for men. Excessive sweating in dating situations and skipping showers should always be addressed with a reasonable amount of perfume, the application of deodorant, or NOT skipping that shower!

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