Twelve Date Ideas To Kick Things Up A Notch

Dinner and a movie is overrated. Whether this is your first date or fifty-first, make sure it’s one they won’t quickly forget.  Try these twelve out-of-the-box dates to get your hearts racing and the feelings flying.

1.     Bare all with a skinny dip

Peel back the layers and expose your trues selves for a romantic skinny dipping date. Enjoy a moonlit swim in a warm lake or dive into to a freezing ocean for some guaranteed squeals and laughter. Share some body heat to warm each other up afterwards!

2.     Brave the open mic–with a difference

Listening to mediocre musical talent at your local bar is one way to do open mic night, but it’s not the only way. Kick things up a notch and whisk your date off to a comedy club. Show them your wittiest, whimsical self or see if you can convince them on stage. You’ll get to share your funniest stories with each other, and just maybe write a new one.

3. Make a splash with a scuba expedition

Discover a whole new world together, exploring tropical reefs and shipwrecks or swimming with sharks, eagle rays or dolphins. Take lessons if you’re not yet licensed. Who knows, it might become your new hobby!

4. Spell out your feelings with a trip to the tattoo parlor

Few gestures communicate as much as a mutual tattoo experience. Show you’re brave, artsy, and committed all at once! The shared pain will be an unforgettable experience, and you’ll have a permanent reminder of your crazy date.

5. Get to know each other with a Thai massage

A Thai massage class offers the ultimate combination of relaxing and exciting. Bond through the awkwardness of the first five minutes, then settle into some heartfelt pummeling, kneading and stretching. You and your date are bound to be left wanting more.

6. Ride the wave with a white water rafting trip