Types NOT to Date

Remember the feelings you first have after meeting someone special? The butterflies and jelly knees, all the songs on the radio, phase? Of course you do, that’s the best part. The phase where it’s all exciting, and you can hardly keep your hands off each other. The honeymoon phase!

Now think back, remember the moment when you started to realize, “what the heck was I thinking!” You still can’t keep your hands off him, but that’s because you just want to hit him in the head!
But maybe you should just hit yourself instead, for getting involved with his “type.” I know there are no absolutes, but there are indeed, a few types you just shouldn’t date…

1. The makes your knees turn to jelly type

It happens. You can actually melt into gooey mush even as your eyes meet and possibly be imagining your panties dropping to the floor even before you’ve made it through the first ten minutes. This guy is straight-up trouble. If you are not looking for anything meaningful in a relationship and you happen to have your “walk of shame” kit handy and your sexy underwear on, then by all means have fun. Just don’t expect anything long-term to come from such a guy.

2. The sleeps with his dog type

Yes, I know, I know- a man with a dog is adorable. It speaks volumes about how responsible he is, how caring and nurturing he can be and how he can make for a doting father you’d love for your kids to have. And if you don’t mind laying in dog hair, Fido staring at you while you do the deed or fighting for bed space then have at it!

3. The younger than you type

While a little younger is okay, dating someone over seven years younger is way off. Eventually, the HOT sex will cool off, and you will have a generational communication gap. This breakdown will, in turn, lead to the time when you ask him something about his day over dinner, and he gives you the cursory teen nod and ‘okay’ mumble- and wham, it dawns on you- you are his mom!

4. The prettier than you type