Understanding the Alpha Male Personality

An attractive, well-groomed man enters the room and becomes a focal point that others naturally gravitate toward. His quiet demeanor emanates strength and confidence. He is charming, witty and has a good sense of humor. Women flock around him. Even in a crowd, he stands out. He is an alpha male.

What does that mean exactly? Most people associate the term alpha with animals such as dogs or wolves, in reference to the dominant animal that leads the pack. However, this term is becoming more commonly applied to people as well, especially men. Alpha male typically signifies a man who is a leader within a group of men.

An alpha male displays confidence and dominance. His demeanor exudes a calm assuredness, but he is not arrogant. He does not bully, but rather defends his friends and loved ones. Although the alpha is usually physically fit, he does not display his strength by flexing his muscles. He has an inner strength that is just as important to him as his physical prowess.

Alpha men are ambitious, inspiring and motivating, all good leadership qualities. They are often described as natural born problem solvers. This top dog does not run from problems, he meets challenges head on and deals with them. Alphas know how to handle situations and are in control of their lives. The charismatic, comfortable personality of pack leaders makes them a natural choice to turn to for advice.

Alpha men like to be the center of attention, but they are not needy, when it comes to women. They do not need to be smothered with attention or mothered. In fact, they often prefer strong, capable women, who are career-oriented. Women who have clear goals and know what they want in life are likely to attract an alpha male. Alpha men are typically successful and passionate about life, so it makes sense that they would want a mate who also shares their passions. When an alpha man marries, his wife usually already has a certain level of social status, or she gains his status following the nuptials.