Using Exercise to Improve Your Sex Life

For most people, sex is a rigorous activity. It involves more of your body than just the reproductive organs. Sex engages your heart, lungs and muscles.

As with any other physical activity, such as running and jumping, sexual performance benefits from exercise. Improving your strength, endurance and flexibility can translate into a better physical sex life. Exercise will also help to improve your confidence as you begin to feel better about your physical appearance.

Getting Stronger

Sex requires the use of muscles throughout your body. You’ll need your arms to hold yourself in position. Muscles in your stomach, back, and legs help you to maintain balance and provides you with the strength necessary for sexual motion. To maintain, and even improve, your strength level, incorporate a weight training schedule into your lifestyle. Exercises like pull-ups, bench press, and squats can translate into a stronger performance in the bedroom.


While longevity is not always a requirement in your sex life, it is necessary to, at the very least, “go the distance.” Improving your overall endurance level will help make that possible. Muscular endurance allows you to hold positions and continue movements for longer periods of time. So, when using weights, try to fit in to some muscle endurance sessions amidst your strength training sessions.

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