What Being Single Can Teach You About Finding The One

You’ve got to forge a brave path to your love.

There are some people who love being single and live their lives fully enjoying their singleness, and they’re unapologetic about it. These people can be thought of as “single at heart.”  Other people may be single for the moment, but want a relationship that will grow into a full commitment.

For the ones who are pursuing a romantic relationship, there are two ways to find love: coming from a position of strength, or from a sense of fear. Those who are afraid of being single run the the risk of settling because they fear a single person’s life and dread being “alone.”

But someone coming from a position of strength while seeking a romantic relationship means adding value to their lives. They’re not afraid of being single and they feel they must get something positive from a romantic relationship.

I’ve been trying to convince people that we need to take a stand against all of the stereotyping and stigmatizing of single people. If single life were regarded as being just as valid as coupled life, then people would approach romantic relationships from a position of strength.