What do I do? I Make More Money Than My SO!

Sometimes it is about the paper!

A question that comes up a lot more lately is women wondering what to do if they make more money than their boyfriend/partner/husband does. “Am I hurting his ego? What can I do to make him feel better?”

business chart and peopleFirstly, good on you. You’re defying the statistics, making a living in the “man’s world” and proving that you can have a relationship at the same time. Clearly you’re doing something right. Hard work and determination are paying off and you’re reaping the rewards, so you should be proud.

And so should he, if he’s not?

Right off the bat, I highly recommend you remove the phrase, “don’t worry, I’ll pay for it” or “don’t worry, I got it” from your vocabulary right now.

If a guy who is already stressed about his finances and his inability to provide is getting in the way the way of the relationship, this is sure to cause him discomfort. For you, it may seem like a simple. If your are attempting to make plans and he is shutting them down because he may not be able to afford them and you can, you must flip the script.