What Do Men Think About These Seven “Girly” Hobbies

So you have a hobby….wonderful. At least you spend your free time doing something you love instead of obsessing over some guy. But, what do men think about your hobby? Does it freak them out? Does it excite them? Does it turn them off? Let’s take a look at some hobbies and find out.

Watching Reality TV Shows

Well, honestly, if you watch reality TV you probably have a distorted view of real life and we have facts to back this claim. There was a study done by Girl Scouts Research Institute and it showed that girls who watched reality TV shows had an unrealistic view of human behavior. The study also showed that girls who watched reality shows think gossiping, bullying, aggression and drama is okay. In fact, they tolerate it these behaviors. So if a guy asks you what you do for fun and you tell him you watch reality TV, he’d probably freak out.

Playing Roller Derby

If you tell a guy you play roller derby, the first thing that comes to mind is “she must be a tough girl”. Some people think it’s a violent sport probably because girls elbow each other and it appears disorganized and staged. In reality, it’s a fun sport and girls who participate in it are very competitive. Well, perhaps a little too competitive to some men’s liking.

Some men like a girl who plays some sort of sport but others freak out when they find out you play roller derby. They say it’s because some women think roller derby is way better than any other sport and they take offence when you try to tell them this isn’t true.

You collect items

Do you collect buttons, coins, dolls, comic books or stamps? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that but if you care more about your collection than about your man, then you have a problem. We’ve heard of women getting serious meltdowns because their men moved their precious doll collection or accidentally knocked over their jar of valuable coins.

Going Green

Are you a huge fan of preserving the earth? That’s great but here’s the deal:

Most men like the idea of a girl who likes preserving the environment but they don’t like the idea of actually dating a girl who goes way overboard with the going green thing. The problem with such girls is they nitpick on every little thing their men do because it isn’t environmentally friendly. They will demand their men to stop using deodorant because it’s destroying the ozone layer. They will tell him to turn of the lights because they are killing the universe.

You are a foodie

You love the idea of eating out in different restaurants. You are always among the first people to know when a new restaurant opens. Sampling different restaurants sounds like great fun but not many men are willing to support this lifestyle. But if you are the kind to try out new recipes, play around with flavors and cook a hearty meal, then men will like you a lot.

You are into sports

If you are genuinely into sports, it’s not a big deal but if you have to watch football every day of the week, it’s definitely a deal breaker for many men. Most men don’t mind if a woman likes and knows a lot about the type of sport she’s into. In fact, they find it sexy. Besides, they know you won’t be throwing temper tantrums when it’s football season because you’ll be watching the games with him. On the other hand, some men prefer girls who are “girly” so liking sports might not convey that.

You are an animal lover

People who are involved with animals are compassionate. Some people love horses, others love dogs and others love rabbits. Some even prefer to own exotic pets like Salamanders and scorpions. But if you find yourself living with fifty cats because you just love taking care of cats, now you know why guys never call you back after you invite them to your house.

Obviously what we are trying to say here is there’s nothing wrong with having a hobby but if it borders on obsession, it could be freaking out men or tuning them off.

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