What Is Really Holding You Back?

You know you should exercise. You know you should study. You know you should prepare healthy meals. You know you should do your laundry before you run out of underwear. But you put it off to tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes, you put if off again. In fact, you keep putting it off until it is a full-fledged emergency.
Big businesses understand our tenacity to procrastinate. Those late fees didn’t come about because we all do so well at getting our bills paid on time. Procrastination is just a fact of life and part of being human. Most of us do it maybe more than we want to admit.
We don’t work out until we are overweight. We don’t study until the night before the test (if not in the minutes before the test). All this procrastination stresses us out. We know that if we just did the items on our ever-expanding to-do list before we had to do them, we would live calmer lives, get more done, and perform better on those very things.

In fact, we feel so guilty about our procrastinating ways that we beat ourselves up over it. Have you ever laid in bed at night, laden with anxiety about some task and unable to sleep? Or worse, have you laid there beating yourself up over something you ended up missing out on because you procrastinated a little too long?

So why don’t we just do the thing we should before they are emergencies? Why do we procrastinate, and is there anything we can do about it? There are many reasons we procrastinate. Each one of these reasons causes our procrastination in different ways, and each has its own technique to overcoming it. This is why, in one case, making a to-do list helps some with stopping procrastination but may not work for you if your procrastination is caused by something other than forgetfulness.