What Should You Do When Your Friend Flirts With Your Boyfriend?

Here’s Elaina’s problem:  Hi,

I love my best friend. She is charming, beautiful, smart and funny but there’s one thing about her that really bothers me. She’s been flirting with my boyfriend ever since I introduced him to her. I don’t wanna lose my boyfriend and I don’t wanna lose her friendship so how do I tell her to stop flirting with my boyfriend?

You know what’s worse than watching another woman flirting with your boyfriend? It’s watching your best friend flirting with him. You start to feel all sorts of ways ranging from anger to betrayal. So what should you do when you find out that your bff has been flirting with your man? Do you cause a scene? Do you gang up with your other friends and confront her? Do you break up with your boyfriend? Do you break off your friendship? The good news is we have a few tips to help you deal with the situation.

Are you sure it’s flirting?

Before you do anything, make sure that your bff is actually flirting with your boyfriend. She could just be trying to get friendly with the guy…nothing more. If you are not sure what she’s up to, then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does she flirt with everyone or does she specifically flirt with your boyfriend only
  2. Has it happened several times?
  3. Have your other friends mentioned that your friend is flirting with your boyfriend?

If your bff is more than trying to be a good friend to your boyfriend, you should definitely do something.

Make sure you are not being paranoid

The only way to ensure you are not a paranoid woman is to talk to another close friend about your situation. If they say that your bff is flirting with your boyfriend, then they definitely are. Don’t try and convince yourself that you are taking things too seriously or your boyfriend will think you are insecure and jealous. If it’s an issue that’s bothering you, don’t be afraid to speak out.

Don’t assume anything

If your bff is flirting with your boyfriend then they are definitely hooking up, right? Wrong. You bff could be jealous of you and is just trying to make you feel bad by openly flirting with your boyfriend. Maybe she just wants your boyfriend to give her some attention. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t realize that she’s flirting with him. Yes, there are a lot of “maybe’s” but unless you speak out, you will never be sure about what’s going on.

Don’t place all the blame on your bff

Most women hold grudges against their bffs, but forget that their boyfriends are just as guilty of flirting. If your boyfriend did nothing to stop your bff from flirting with him then he is just as guilty.  If you want to hold grudges, make sure you hold them against your boyfriend and against your bff.

Talk to your friend

This won’t be easy but you need to confront your bff and tell her to stop flirting with your boyfriend. Confrontation doesn’t mean beating the crap out of her or going back and forth on social media or causing a scene in public. Just sit down somewhere with her and tell her how you feel about her behavior around your boyfriend. Make sure you are aware of instances where you saw her flirting with your boyfriend and use them as examples when talking to your friend.

Talk to your boyfriend

After talking to your bff, you should also talk to your boyfriend. If he says that she’s the one who’s flirting with him, remind him that he is just as guilty if he isn’t doing anything to stop her. If he agrees that there’s some flirting going on, let him be the one to talk to your bff about her behavior.

Flirting happens when two people get to know each other and they get too comfortable with each other. Not all forms of flirting lead to cheating or infidelity; some of it is just harmless but it can make things really awkward. The fact that it is bothering you means you should address it as soon as possible before it gets out of hand. Even if it’s harmless flirting, things can go from 0-100 real fast.  written by Jackie K.

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