What Should You Do When Your Friend Flirts With Your Boyfriend?

Here’s Elaina’s problem:  Hi,

I love my best friend. She is charming, beautiful, smart and funny but there’s one thing about her that really bothers me. She’s been flirting with my boyfriend ever since I introduced him to her. I don’t wanna lose my boyfriend and I don’t wanna lose her friendship so how do I tell her to stop flirting with my boyfriend?

You know what’s worse than watching another woman flirting with your boyfriend? It’s watching your best friend flirting with him. You start to feel all sorts of ways ranging from anger to betrayal. So what should you do when you find out that your bff has been flirting with your man? Do you cause a scene? Do you gang up with your other friends and confront her? Do you break up with your boyfriend? Do you break off your friendship? The good news is we have a few tips to help you deal with the situation.

Are you sure it’s flirting?

Before you do anything, make sure that your bff is actually flirting with your boyfriend. She could just be trying to get friendly with the guy…nothing more. If you are not sure what she’s up to, then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does she flirt with everyone or does she specifically flirt with your boyfriend only
  2. Has it happened several times?
  3. Have your other friends mentioned that your friend is flirting with your boyfriend?

If your bff is more than trying to be a good friend to your boyfriend, you should definitely do something.

Make sure you are not being paranoid