What to Do If You Find Yourself Attracted To Somebody Else

No matter how much you love your significant other and how committed you are to the relationship, you might, at some stage, find yourself attracted to someone else. Such feelings can be very unsettling and guilt-inducing, and may cause you to question yourself and your relationship.

The first thing to keep in mind when something like this happens is not to beat yourself up over feelings that you can’t control. You’re human and you can’t help it if someone has caught your eye. What’s really going to be important is how you act and what you choose to do about your attraction.

If you’re  attracted to someone else, then there are three main courses of action that you can take:

1) When you shouldn’t feel guilty or worry too much

Developing an attraction to someone else does not, by any means, have to spell doom for your relationship. If it hasn’t diminished your feelings for your partner and if you have absolutely no intention of ever being unfaithful, then it likely won’t affect your relationship much.

If you simply think that someone else is a “hotie” and enjoy seeing them from time to time, whether it be at work, at school, or wherever it is that you know them from, then leave it at that. It would probably be in your best interest not to pursue spending any additional time with them, but you don’t have to run away in fear every time you see them.

If you are secure, confident, and happy in your relationship, then chances are that your attraction will simply fade over time.