What Your Date’s Dog says about his Personality

When it comes to dating, forget about filling in complex questionnaires and personality profiles, and take a look at your date’s dog. A study by the psychology department at Bath Spa University, shows that a dog owner is likely to choose a breed with traits that mirror his own. When dating a dog owner, remember: his choice of canine companion doesn’t lie when it comes to his character.

For clues as to whether your prospective partner is outgoing, intelligent, reliable, self-confident, or creative, look no further than his favorite pooch. So if your dream date is the reliable, creative sort, what type of hound is dogging his heels? Here is your guide seeing if his four-legged friend can tell if this is Mr. Right or you’d be better off choosing a cat.

To find a partner with a get-up-and-go attitude, then the other end of his leash is attached to a pastoral breed or a utility dog such as a bulldog.

Pastoral breeds originated from dogs that herded livestock such as cattle, goats, or sheep. Other examples include German shepherd dogs, bearded and border collies, Pyrenean mountain dogs, corgis, and Shetland sheepdogs.

Utility dogs include breeds that once worked for a living (such as bulldogs with bull-baiting or Dalmatians running alongside their masters’ carriages) but whose occupations now have no place in the modern world. Let’s hope this doesn’t apply to their owners! Examples of utility dogs include the Boston terrier, Chow Chow, Japanese Akita, Keeshund, and Lhasa apso.


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