Why Hasn’t He Asked Me to Be His Wife Yet?

The way women think about marriage, is different from how men think about it. Women fantasize about a fairy tale wedding and saying “I do” in front of loved ones while men aren’t as enthusiastic about weddings. But why do some men take too long to put a ring on it or worse…why do they never put a ring on it despite the fact that they’ve been with this woman for years? We have a few reasons:

You’ve never given him a reason to propose

You moved in together, have three kids with him, you perform wifely duties for him and you even spilt the bills. Well guess what, the guy is comfortable and doesn’t see why he should spend money getting you a ring. He already has enough on his plate what with taking care of three kids so spending money on a ring, let alone a wedding sounds stupid or unnecessary for him. Besides, why should he buy the cow when he’s already getting the milk for free? Yeah, ladies, we said it.

He is still trying to make it in life

Maybe he hasn’t gotten to where he wants to be in life. Maybe he’s still working on his career, he is trying to pay of his student loans, he is trying to finish school, or he still lives with his parents. If your man is still in the process of getting his life together, you might have to wait a little longer for that proposal.